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  • PAY ONLINE via Credit Card - $225 for first entry. Re-entry fee is $195 per squad.
  • PAY BY MAIL: Send Money Order to: Attn: Mike Flanagan 381 E 3575 N North Ogden, UT 84414 - NO CHECKS. All mailed entries must be sent prior to April 17th.
  • MULTIPLE SQUADS: Reserve & Pay for as many squads as you want. If you bowl a score you are satisfied with, and wish to not enter other paid squads, you may receive a refund from the tournament office. You must inform the office within 30 minutes of refundable squad or your entry could be forfeited with no refund. PLEASE let us know ahead of time so we can accommodate as many bowlers as possible.
  • CANCELLATIONS: If for some reason you have to cancel, a cancellation fee of $15 will be accessed on your refund. You have 48 hours before your squad time to CANCEL. All cancellations must be done through phone call to 314-324-0335 or email
  • TRAVEL: The tournament begins Friday April 24th at 7PM and will conclude on Sunday April 27th at 10PM. If you are traveling in from out of town, we suggest booking your flight for Monday in case you make the live TV finals. Tropicana Lanes is located near the Galleria Shopping Mall at 7960 Clayton Rd, Richmond Heights, MO 63117.
  • BOWLING CENTER INFO: Tropicana Lanes is a 52 lane split bowling center with 26 lanes on each side. Saturday qualifying blocks will consist of 4 games bowled on each side of the center. On Friday's squad, you will bowl in a skip procedure that will include both sides of the bowling center because we only have 40 lanes available. This will result in 5 games bowled on one side and 3 games on the other side for many bowlers. Lane surface at Tropicana is AMF HPL with AMF machines.
  • LANE PATTERN will be released Thursday April 23rd. The first four years of the tournament has seen a pattern of at least 43ft with 32+ ml of oil. The pattern forces players to the outside part of the lane and holds up for a majority of qualifying. Kegel Corporation is the official lane supplier for the Open and will be using Flex lane machines.
  • DRESS CODE: There is no official dress code. You will be part of a live-broadcasted bowling tournament and we suggest you wear a shirt with your name on the back and dress comfortably. NO PROFANITY on shirts.
  • FORMAT: Friday 7PM Squad will host up to 6 bowlers per pair of lanes with 40 lanes being used during the tournament. Saturday's squads will host up to 5 bowlers per pair of lanes and will use 48 lanes with lanes 1 &2 and 27 & 28 as break down pairs. After all squads are completed, the top 32 scores will return Sunday morning at 9AM for four additional games with pin-fall carrying over. Match play will begin after the morning squad on Sunday with the top 12 bowlers bowling 12 games of round robin match play with 30 bonus pins for each win. The 12th game will be position round. The top 5 will then advance to the online televised finals which will begin at 7PM CST on
  • PRIZE FUND: Top prize will be $10,000 for first (based on a minimum of 250 entries) with last place receiving $500. Cash ratio is 1 out of every 5 entries. You may only cash once in the tournament.
  • BRACKETS: $10 brackets will be available during qualifying rounds. Brackets will be available across all games in three separate groupings.
  • JACKPOTS: Cost is $50 which will be dispersed for the 8 games and total for each block. Jackpots are squad specific only.

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